Premium Cuvée

Cuvée Adamantis is the new top wine from Cantina Valle Isarco. This cuvée is produced with great patience and with refined intuition from the best and most typical grape varieties of the Isarco Valley: Sylvaner, Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Grigio and Kerner. In a limited edition of only 2,000 bottles, this wine reflects the characteristics of the Valle Isarco terroir.

Premium Wines


The vineyards carpeting the steep slopes of the massive dioritic Sabiona rocks are located in one of the best winegrowing areas. No wonder that the two top-of-the-range wines come from the Benedictine Monastery’s well ventilated, sun-kissed vineyards. The limited production of 3.000 bottles each variety will be sold after aging on the lees for 10 months followed by one year in the bottle.



The key to produce excellente wines starts first and foremost in the vineyard: it is here that the best quality grapes can be obtained through strict selection and by limiting yields. The consistent application of this philosophy in the winery too is a further guarantee of distinct varietal typicalitygreat structure and brilliant mature potential. 

fresh and mineral

Classic White

The special microclimate of this region, with hot summer days and fresh nights at vintage time, makes sure that the grapes reach maturity with a high sugar content. The light and gravelly soils, containing deal of minerals, provide these wines with strong character and incomparable typicality and elegance. This is why the vine-growers of the Valle Isarco have specialized in the cultivation of white grapes.

Elegant and refined

Classic Red

Although the grapes grown in the Isarco Valley are mostly white, some areas do have the right features to thrive great red wines as well. The special microclimate and particular geographical conditions give the wines their delicate, smooth and pleasant character.


This aperitiv wines reflect, with their minerality, vitality and their forceful character, all the facets of the typical terroir of the Isarco Valley’s landscape.

Desert Wine


Nectaris is an uncommonly noble and lovably sweet wine, obtained from fully mature grapes harvested late in the season. The grapes are left to dry five months, which concentrates the substances they contain and produces a wine that seduces with its extraordinary balance of sweetness and pleasant freshness.