The Sunny Slopes of the Isarco Valley.

Vineyards winding like staves
around steep slopes


The sunny slopes of Isarco Valley are more than just an elegant landscape.

In these winegrowing areas, the northernmost in Italy, where glaciers meet the gentle rolling hills of the Mediterranean, vines have been grown for centuries producing wines of great character. Thanks to variety in soils, cultivation areas and sunlight exposures, as well as to the particular microclimate, each vineyard develops a personality and special character of its own.

Ideal Growing Conditions

Vineyards protected and cared for
like children by the winegrowers


The Isarco Valley offers ideal conditions for growing high-quality white grapes, which thrive on both sides of the valley.

Over the years, particular varieties have been selected, resulting in today’s well-known and characteristically elegant local wines. The terraced vineyards require constant dedication year-round and, in many cases, they can be tended only by hand. For this reason, the spirit of each family of winemakers is at one with its vineyard.


Grapes emerging from the morning coolness
to greet every ray of sunlight


The austere vines of the Isarco Valley produce some unique grapes and wines.

The branches, entwined around the typical trellises, stretch out towards the sun, fearless in resisting harsh bitter winds and cold nights. Their roots push deep into the thin soil, absorbing the diverse precious minerals that will more or less strongly affect the flavour of the grapes according to the winegrowing area. and make it 

Unique - grape by grape.

Past and Present

Man always inspired by
the will to Do well


What grandparents started time ago is continued today by their
grand-children, with respect and ambition.

The precious wisdom of the farmers is, in essence, the heart of the winemaking tradition of the Isarco Valley, the primary aim of which is to cultivate high-quality grapes through ecologically sustainable methods, thanks to which the vines can give their very best. Every year, about 130 growers from the different wine-making areas deliver their harvest to the Cantina Valle Isarco, confiding in the experience and expertise of the winemaker.

Mineral & Deep

The soil, for generations a precious inheritance
of the local wine-growing culture.


In the Isarco Valley, winegrowing thrives at various altitudes, where winegrowers plough, till and cultivate the mineral-rich soils.

The deep roots of the vines draw precious nutrients from the fertile soil, which can be rich in either phyllites, diorites or porphyritic volcanic minerals. This mineral variety, combined with the large amount of sunlight, significant peaks in temperature and good rainfall distribution, are the reason for the broad aromatic spectrum of our wines.